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Workshop. (57 2) 554 1668
Umbral Del Arte Workshop
Cra 25 No. 4-26 Oeste
Cali, Colombia

To speak of the art work of Elsy Orozco is to think in color, in non-traditional painting. Her organic forms take us to the air, water and Earth. The tropics make themselves evident in the color with their large contrasts conforming a harmony between cold and warm tones, the transparencies and the shades. Her composition is bold and risky, it breaks with the broad strokes and fine lines the limits of canvas and paper; the observer is confronted with adventure where the gaze is an image from the there beyond, allowing one to dream and recreate the proposal suggested by the artist.
Elsy Orozco demonstrates a serious artistic process that she has developed through study and work, constantly inviting us each day to know and enjoy from her artwork.

Pilar Otálora
Master in Arts
Bogotá, Colombia

Was born in Cali, Colombia.

She studied Graphic Design and Art at the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois). She has also taken watercolor classes with Bárbara Nechis, watercolor and mix media classes in South Carolina (USA). In addition, she has completed workshops with Rafael Penágos, Song Xin Ru (from China), Marcos Roda, Hernando González, Juan Carlos Delgado and Pilar Otálora.

Since 1993 she has had her art work shown at the Galería Pluma (Bogotá, 1994), Club El Nogal (Bogotá, 1998), Galería del Taller (Bogotá, 1999), Proyecta Diseño (Bogotá, 2003), Club Colombia T.G (Cali, 2006), "Al Sur del Sur" Metropolitan Museum of Buenos Aires (Argentina 2010), among other galleries.

She lives and works in Cali, Colombia and she is part of El Umbral del Arte artist's collective. She maintains a permanent collection there.

Cel. (57) 315 341 7942. Workshop. (57 2) 554 1668. Cra 25 No. 4-26 Oeste, Cali,